AUNDE Teknik Fabric Upholstery Production Plant

AUNDE Teknik Automobile Upholstery Fabric Factory is an automotive supplier industry that produces auto fabrics for parts as seat in the vehicle, headrest, armrest, door panel, roof, curtain and so on… And exports half of this production.

All products are designed and developed according to specifications determined by the automotive industry. In Aunde Group companies, project-based designs are made for the automotive main industry using common joint design programs and creates common design pools.

In our factory, we have a well-equipped laboratory that has been approved by customers, that meets automotive fabric testing requirements.

AUNDE Teknik Seat Cover Plant

AUNDE Teknik Auto Seat Cover factory, producing original covers for seats, headrest, armrest, etc sections contained in the vehicle, and close to all of the portion of this production that export automotive supply industry. All products are designed and being developed according to specifications set by the automotive industry. Aunde Group Company, using common joint CAD design programs in project-based designing for automotive industry.

AUNDE Vehicle Conversion Factory

Our customers commercial vehicle conversion produced by “AUNDE TEKNİK” in Bursa.

Product development and homologation processes adapted by ”AUNDE TEKNİK” engineers.

AUNDE TEKNİK has proved its expertise and quality in Vehicle Conversion with compliance process and results obtained from directive 2001/85. In accordance with VW, Ford and European standards,

In accordance with VW, Ford and European standards,

  • Seat strength (ECE R17 74/408)
  • Seat belts (ECE R16 77/541)
  • Safety belt connections (ECE R14 76/115)
  • Mass and dimensions (97/227)
  • Vehicles designs passed all conformity tests according to (2001/85) AT Bus directives.

AUNDE TEKNİK Vehicle Conversion Plant successfully completed the production of 7500 VW-Crafter Volt and 450 units of Vehicle Conversion from February 2007 until the end of 2010. Our annual capacity is 6000 vehicles.