About Us

AUNDE TEKNİK A.Ş. was founded in 09.05.1984.

In 1990 AUNDE TEKNİK has established a joint venture with AUNDE Achter & Ebels which is very well known by the automotive market worldwide. As of 2006 AundE TEKNİK is a company which has production facilities for fabric and seat covers inside Turkey as well as similar investments outside Turkey.

Besides the automotive sector, AUNDE TEKNİK has investments in the tourism, energy and cement sectors.

The aim of AUNDE TEKNİK is to be a profitable and a leading company with its products and services as well as with its corporate culture and to have the necessary flexibility to take a worldwide active role. AUNDE TEKNİK’s mission is to create value with its products and services by respecting the environment and society with the awareness of continuous improvements, operating within worldwide standards and profitable for the shareholders by targeting customer satisfaction.

AUNDE Teknik is among the 200 largest industrial enterprise in Turkey.

Our Mission & Vision Principles